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Define what Office365 can do

SharePoint and the Office 365 suite has changed interactions between employees, suppliers & customers. Employees communicate digitally. Interactions move from desktops to browsers to laptops to mobiles. This change effects every employee, on every screen, in every organisation.

What can you do with Office 365 and SharePoint

Communications Site

SharePoint Communications Sites are a great way to publish your corporate news stories

Project Online

Project Online will be very popular with your Project team.

Get SharePoint Right

SharePoint has been designed for organisations in every industry. This generality has led some to believe SharePoint is a set and forget product. The SharePoint Agency see a strong correlation between successful SharePoint implementations and adequately resourced SharePoint implementations. Dedicate sufficient SharePoint resources to get SharePoint right and maximise your investment.

Custom Design & Master Pages

Your Intranet does not have to look like an Excel Spreadsheet. In fact, there is no reason your SharePoint site can’t look better than your corporate website. Using your brand guidelines The SharePoint Agency can create a great design to inspire user-adoption. If your site is beautiful to look at, end users will find it easier to use.

Search First, Ask Questions Later

Google is king for a reason. Search has made the Internet what it is today. Likewise, search is the most important feature of SharePoint. SharePoint, when structured correctly, can be used to deliver powerful search-driven applications.

Going Mobile

Office 365 and SharePoint smartphone apps like PowerApps, PowerBI, SharePoint and OneDrive are making it easy to bring corporate content to your mobile. What do your employees want to access in the mobile space?

Vector Communications

The new deployment has highlighted the potential of search driven content throughout the business, while the new clean site design has provided confidence amongst our employees that SharePoint is indeed the content platform of choice for Vector Communications.

Matthew Day - OSS Architect
The Warehouse Group Financial Services

Launching a new financial brand into the market has been a technical challenge. We choose The SharePoint Agency to deliver our Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration, and they both successfully met our requirements and delivered to our tight time frame.

Nick Josephs - IT Development and Test Manager
Downer New Zealand

I highly recommend The SharePoint Agency. In their time at Downer they worked on numerous projects and were instrumental in improving the functionality of our InfoPath based smart forms.

Jerry Crumley - IT Operations Manager
User Experience UX

SharePoint consultants used to focus on technical rather than human limitations.

The established rules of computer-human interaction or User Experience always apply online. The SharePoint Agency can help you integrate UX considerations into your SharePoint project.

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